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All Key Financial Metrics in One Place

Stop chasing the data you care about. Mosaic’s Metric Catalog gives you the power to deliver insights when you need them.
Mosaic Metric Catalog

Eliminate Manual Errors

Power up your planning and analysis with enriched, real-time data pulled directly from your most important source systems including ERP, HR, CRM and Billing.

Automate SaaS Calculations

Access over 100 out-of-the-box SaaS metrics for a fast, on-demand pulse of your business. Analyze performance, view financial statements, and report in a matter of clicks.

Align Teams for Quick Decisions

Easily drag and drop metrics into Mosaic's analysis canvas to create visually stunning dashboards and reports. Data is always up to date so you can share with anyone, anytime.

Revenue ARR MRR

Bookings And Customers

Cashflow And Expenses

Sales Performance



Billings And Collections

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