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Investor & Board Reporting

Bring the board, on board

Strenghten one of your most critical partnerships. Easily share your growth plans, develop a fundraising strategy, and automate investor reporting packages.
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Trusted Partners

Increase transparency and trust with your advisors

Board meetings are a chance to review company performance and align on strategy. They are vital for addressing issues affecting growth and help bring the future of a company to light. They also require weeks of grueling preparation - often at the expense of other strategic priorities.
Take one step closer to the next funding round without all the stress. Streamline financial analysis and manage tough investor questions with ease so you can lean on the board for what matters most, advice.

investor reporting

Keep investors up to date

Keep investors informed and excited with insightful reporting packages that highlight progress. Answer second and third-level questions without hours of manual work.

Three statement financials

Ad hoc performance reports

Custom SaaS metrics

due diligence

Knock out fundraising requests in minutes

Transform the grueling due diligence process into a seamless exercise. Automate calculation and consolidation of financial projections and KPIs to deliver what investors need to drive funding decisions.

Cashflow projections

Sales projections

Financial and operational metrics

Cohort and customer metrics

Board Deck Prep Q&A with Founders Fund & Legion

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meeting prep

Streamline board deck creation

Save hours of prep time with Mosaic’s metric catalog. Easily present visually optimized charts, graphs and KPI’s or load them directly into your investor materials.
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Highly recommend Mosaic for analysis and board reporting.

Matt DoughertyFinance and Strategy Director

business decisions

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