The most powerful way to forecast growth

Forecast revenue from the ground up using custom formulas and real-time data to nail your growth targets.
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Drive predictability across every revenue stream

Understand the key drivers that contribute to and accelerate top-line revenue growth.

New Business

Predict incoming revenue from sales and marketing.


Optimize retention, upsells, and cross-sells.


Maximize expected cash flow.


Model with precision on a dynamic, cloud-based grid

Experience the best of both worlds, powerful automation combined with the flexibility of a spreadsheet, all fueled by real-time data.


Craft a story using metrics unique to your business

Pull up AE headcount, input rep quotas, or create your own custom bookings formula in minutes.

Powerful function library

Auto-complete formulas

On-demand metrics


Predict the impact of every scenario

Forecast by segment, territory, or product line. Charts and key metrics update in real-time to evaluate potential impact before finalizing a plan.

No formula errors

Spreadsheet-like experience

Two-click roll forward


Create goals and link outputs across models

Quickly set goals and easily track them within a Canvas. Forecast multiple scenarios to see the impact to cash.

Mosaic enabled us to establish an agile planning process from the beginning, unlocking better partner collaboration.

Tony LeDirector of Finance at Pipe

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