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Protect your most important asset: your data

Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade tools that deliver top-notch cloud security and full compliance — on a single Strategic Finance Platform.
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Our customer data comes first

Mosaic has been engineered from the ground up to give security considerations first-class treatment. Every aspect of our system has been designed with confidentiality, integrity, and availability in mind.


Top notch privacy and security

Enterprise grade protection, service, and resiliency you can trust. Our platform is SOC 2 Type II compliant meaning your data is safe in the cloud.

User Management

Robust access controls

Manage your internal collaboration methodically so you can prevent unwanted mistakes and keep information safe at all times.

User permissions

Role-based access and detailed permissions ensure that platform users never access data the company administrator doesn’t grant.

Lock and publish

Maintain full control over your models by putting safeguards in place to prevent unwanted changes.


Enhanced identity and authorization

Safeguard critical information with 99.9% uptime, including business and customer data.


All-access to the Mosaic application requires multi-factor authentication and is logged and audited in real-time.

Powerful encryption

All connections to Mosaic are encrypted using AES-256 encryption allowing your IT teams to rest easy. Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit for increased protection.

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Get the full security detail

Want to know the specifics of our platform's security? Get all the details, line-by-line, and learn what makes Mosaic compliant for even the toughest security teams.
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