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Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Manage your cash flow with clarity

Forecast cash flow, net burn, and liquidity with real-time data, KPIs, and metrics, flexible drivers, and prebuilt dashboards and reports. Share progress and insights with teams to streamline communication and improve business decisions.
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Agile Cash Flow Planning

Optimize the fuel that drives business growth

Cash is the lifeblood of every company, and it’s Finance’s job to ensure their large or small business has the funds it needs to achieve its goals now and in the future.
The Mosaic FP&A platform combines ERP financial data, workforce, customer, billing, and cash flow data with advanced modeling tools to give Finance a comprehensive view of how and when cash is flowing through the business — past, present, and future.


Manage future cash flow with confidence

Mosaic’s intuitive forecasting tools let you build dynamic cash flow projections to explore how different strategies and operational results will impact cash balances today and in the future. Always know how much cash you have in your bank accounts, where it went and why, and when it’s time to start raising more funds.

Plan faster

Intelligent building blocks, workflows, and connected financial models help you forecast at hyperspeed, analyze key drivers, and roll your cash forecasts forward in seconds.

Plan precisely

Share cash flow forecasts with key business leaders to collaborate on the underlying strategies and financial decisions that impact results. Then automate your budget vs. actual reporting to track progress as you go.

Plan together

Change drivers like pricing, billing, and payment terms for pinpoint control over cash inflow and outflow. What-if scenario planning lets you capture upside and downside cases in seconds.


Identify key drivers to reach cash goals

Explore how revenue, expense, headcount, and billing assumptions turn into cash. Build financial models from the ground up using intuitive formulas everyone can understand.


Connected 3-Statement Modeling

With Mosaic, connected cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet models come out of the box, so you can instantly analyze how changes to the rest of the financials flow through to cash. Never worry about broken formulas or tricky cash accounting rules again.


Run unlimited scenarios

Build what-if scenarios without the headaches of version control and limitations of spreadsheets. Scenario planning in Mosaic lets you quickly compare scenarios to stress-test cash flow assumptions and understand different versions of the future simultaneously.


Complete visibility into cash flow trends and balances

Intuitive reporting and data visualization tools and 30+ data integrations provide instant insight into cash inflows, outflows, and ending cash positions. Compare actual results against plans, forecasts, and what-if scenarios in seconds to understand exactly how your strategies impact cash flow.

Mosaic is a financial planning platform that is robust AND easy to use.

Shirak ZHead of Finance and Operations

Cash Flow Forecasting Software FAQs

What are the benefits of managing my cash flow planning process in a cloud-based strategic finance platform like Mosaic compared to spreadsheets?

Mosaic eliminates the tedious, manual, error-prone headaches of Microsoft Excel by automatically syncing source system operational and financial data directly into your business models, reports, and dashboards. Intuitive data visualization and collaboration tools make it easy to build forecasts and run what-if scenario analysis with department leaders in real time, empowering better, more informed decision-making across the company.

Q: Does Mosaic support financial and operational planning in addition to cash flow planning?

What sources systems does Mosaic connect with?

Does Mosaic also provide financial reporting and financial consolidation functionality?

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