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The Role Forward

Russ Jones on Turning Finance into a True Strategic Partner

Russ Jones, former CFO of Shopify, discusses what it was like to build a finance team at a hypergrowth company and the keys to developing strategic partnerships across the organization.

The Role Forward

Amy Garefis on Scaling Accounting from Startup to Wall Street

Amy Garefis, Chief Accounting Officer at ZipRecruiter, discusses the stages of scale for accounting teams from Series A to a public listing and explains how to build business partnerships that increase accounting's strategic value.

The Role Forward

Sal Abdulla on the ERP Gap for Startups

Sal Abdulla, Founder and CEO of Nixsheets, discusses a new era of accounting tools, where ERPs let startups down, and thoughts about the strategic value of a modern accounting function.

The Role Forward

Jason Peretz on CRM Hygiene for Finance

Jason Peretz, CBO of Galley, talks about the importance of CRM hygiene, how to get your data in shape for finance, and how ReVops can help bridge the gap between sales and finance.

The Role Forward

Ben Murray Gives a CAC Masterclass

Ben Murray, The SaaS CFO, joins to discuss all-things customer acquisition cost. They discuss the importance of fully-burdened CAC calculations, the concept of a CAC profile, and how to get strategic insights from analyzing acquisition costs.


Alex Song — Crypto on the Balance Sheet

In this episode of The Role Forward podcast, our host Joe Michalowski and Alex Song, Head of Finance and Capital Markets at Ramp, discuss the concept of crypto on the balance sheet. They chat about Ramp's investment in stablecoins, the mindset behind that investment, and how finance can assume a more strategic role in the business.

The Role Forward

Steve Groccia on Keys to Effective Cohort Analysis

Steve Groccia explains why cohort analysis is so valuable, why it's challenging for any finance team, and how to do it effectively for strategic insights.


John Luttig on SaaS Pitch Decks

In this episode of The Role Forward podcast, our host Joe Michalowski is joined by John Luttig, a Principal at Founders Fund and Mosaic Co-Founder and COO, Joe Garafalo. They chat about the building blocks of a SaaS pitch deck, the CAC Payback Period metric, and how to address investors' most significant concerns in your pitch.


Brad Silicani on Cash Optimization and Corporate Investing

In this episode of The Role Forward, our host Joe Michalowski welcomes Brad Silicani, the Head of Finance and Operations at Anrok. They get into the state of the economy and cash management, how to kick your cash in the right direction to get to market, and the relationship between tax and cash optimization.


Howard Katzenberg on Strategic Accounting

In the new episode of The Role Forward, host Joe Michalowski welcomes Howard Katzenberg, the Founder and CEO of Glean. They get into the typical stereotypes around accounting, the best ways to make accounting more strategic, and the importance of building relationships and trust with other departments inside the company.


Venture Stories: Transforming Corporate Finance and Working with Investors

Our Co-Founder Joe Garafalo and Trevor Oelschig of General Catalyst share how finance is evolving and tips for building the best relationships with investors.


Aneal Vallurupalli on Financial Data Management

In this episode of The Role Forward, we are joined by Aneal Vallurupalli, the CFO of Airbase. Aneal shares what it is like to build a data-driven company, the importance of creating a data engineering infrastructure, and how a freemium model helps companies add value to their customers' experience.

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