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Data Management

Connect the dots across your tech stack

Financial planning requires intentional architecture. Trade in complex databases and coding languages for an intuitive platform everyone can use.
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All your data, beautifully consolidated

Don't spend hours scrubbing data, manipulating spreadsheets, or fighting expensive tools to get the information you need. Mosaic connects with your existing tech stack and is up-and-running in minutes.


Streamline Data Management

Trade in complex setup and maintenance for intentional architecture — easily pull financial information from across business systems and map it into a common ontology.

Leverage intelligent ETL

Securely connect and enrich data across toolsets to create a single source of truth for financial and operational performance.

Accelerate mapping and classification

Execute automatic data mapping to help streamline integration from ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems, including custom fields.

Automate data synchronization

Get refreshed data twice daily or pull it on demand for more precision.


Flexible configuration for more control

Customize metric configuration and calculation logic to get your system set up with exactly what you want to see, tailored for your business needs.

Map data how you want

Easily map key fields and define attributes for powerful analysis across datasets.

Build custom metrics

Create unique metrics for your business using simple formulas anyone can understand.


Powerful features — in the palm of your hand


Consolidate your data by leveraging deep insights

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