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Plan ahead Stay ahead

Business conditions change in real-time, so should your plan. Transform your forecasting process into an agile, and collaborative exercise that unlocks more profitable decisions.
Version control issues
Faster modeling
Shorter planning cycles


‘What-If’ planning wasn’t so painful?

Your financial plan is too important to live in a spreadsheet, and it shouldn't take weeks to update. Mosaic connects your model to live data, allowing you to understand and manage assumptions core to your business.

Model scenarios with ease

Make adjustments on the fly with driver-based inputs, and create multiple scenarios to help predict different outcomes.

Understand the impact

Maintain alignment as business conditions change. Track progress toward your goals with real-time budget vs. actuals.

Plan alongside your team

Bring your teams and process together by combining financial and operational metrics from each department to drive accurate planning.


Plan at scale with intelligent building blocks

Start building your model the moment you connect. A suite of pre-configured components and flexible drivers enable you to plan at scale. Trend historicals or build a customizable model from the bottoms up or top down.

Dynamic Headcount Forecasting

Custom Topline Planning

Income Statement Planner

Advanced Balance Sheet Planner


See the road ahead, at all times

Understand different versions of the future to hone in on the right investments that drive growth. Run simple and complex scenario analysis to remain nimble in the face of an ever-changing market.

Compare unlimited ‘what-if’ scenarios

Stress-test assumptions by running multiple scenarios — honing in on key drivers to better understand their impact on financial performance.

See it in action!

View live impact details

Understand the impact of changing assumptions in real-time with best in class visualizations that update while you forecast.

Chart the right course, together

Share a range of assumptions with key stakeholders and open a continuous feedback loop to evolve models for even better outcomes.

Align your teams on the metrics that drive success


Align your teams on the metrics that drive success

Set company goals and team targets, get real-time forecast updates from team leaders, and craft the story behind the numbers with commentary directly from team members closest to the action. Learn more.

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We raised our Series A in 2021 and we used Mosaic to run all of our financial projections for current and potential investors.
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Mike Nucci


Adjust to changing conditions in real-time

Eliminate complex, manual planning cycles. Reforecast financials and update reporting packages in minutes to keep leaders, teams, and the board aligned at all times.

Own the 
of your business.