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Introducing Metric Builder

Track every trend. Predict every outcome. Own the financial future of your business.

Your business is unique, and so are your metrics. Unlock data and customize every metric that propels your business forward.

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How it works

Metric Builder puts you in control

No technical code. No black-box formulas. Just a simple, visual experience that lets you build the metrics you rely on most — at lightning speed.


Build the custom metrics that drive performance

Combine financial and operational datasets to spot new opportunities, protect against threats, double down on successes, and unlock insights.

Cost per Lead, SQL, and Opportunity

by channel, campaign, and program

R&D Payback

by team, product line, and customer segment

Customer Retention Rates

by usage, support tickets, and company size

Data ubiquity

Tap into data directly from your systems

Bring in data from any system, any format. Whether from an ERP, CRM, HRIS, Billing, data warehouse, or flat file upload — it’s all at your fingertips.

  • Financial data from your ERP
  • Employee data from your HRIS
  • Pipeline & Revenue data from your CRM
  • Billing, revenue, and collections data from billing systems
  • Operational data from data warehouses or CSV files


An insanely loveable UI, no code required

Metric Builder delivers the familiar experience of pivot tables and an Excel-like formula language you know and love. Explore any dataset. Visualize outputs as you build. Create any metric at the speed of thought.

Best-in-class metrics built by industry pros

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R&D Payback
Cost per MQL
ROSE Metric

"The user experience is like nothing l've seen in other planning tools. Building and visualizing in Mosaic feels like a video game I just don't want to put down. I look forward to the blocks of time when I can snooze Slack, turn on some music, and crunch data in the app."

Brian WeisbergCFO

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