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Strategic Finance's Guide to Planning Season 2024

Join experts from Mosaic, Mostly Metrics, and Tidelift as we share insights, strategies, and tools to help you build a perfect strategy for this year's annual planning cycle.


Exploring the Potential of AI in Finance — An Audience Q&A

Excited about the potential of AI to transform finance and accounting workflows? Or are you skeptical of how much AI will really impact your work? Bring your questions to this Q&A session with Mosaic, Spiff, and Teampay as we explore what the short-term and long-term future holds for AI in finance.


State of Venture Funding 2023 — Q&A with OMERS Ventures

Join Eugene Lee and Marissa Moore from OMERS Ventures alongside Mosaic's CEO, Bijan Moallemi, as they answer your most pressing questions about the current state of venture funding in mid-2023.


Commission Planning Q&A: Driving Sales in Tough Market Conditions

Join Mosaic and Spiff as we answer questions from you and other registrants about commission planning in the current market conditions.


Introducing Metric Builder: Infinite Flexibility to Build Metrics That Drive Decisions

Arm your team with answers to the most important business questions.


Board Management Q&A

The world’s best operators don’t just treat their investors and board members as a source of funds — they create a true strategic partnership that can drive value for the business. Mosaic, Spiff, and XYZ Venture Capital are teaming up to host this Q&A to help you figure that out.


The Modern Finance Tech Stack: Answers to Your Toughest Questions

Join our panel of finance and revenue leaders from Mosaic, Spiff, Teampay, Ordway, and Glean as they answer your toughest questions about building the modern finance tech stack.


Planning Season Q&A: Get Answers to Your Toughest Questions for 2023

You're in the thick of 2023 planning season — have any questions? Join our panel of finance, sales, and ops experts for a Q&A session, where they answer some of the toughest planning season questions straight from the audience. If you have a question, be sure to submit it so we can get to it.


Take your Cash Management Game to New Heights in 2023

Finance is always looking for more insights into how efficiently the business is billing and collecting cash from customers, what levers they can pull to improve cash flow and runway, and how that ties into the overall financial performance of the business. To do that, they need to have the right data, tools, and techniques at their fingertips.


Cautious Capital: 5 Growth Efficiency Metrics Every SaaS Company Needs Now

The SaaS industry has shifted from a multi-year era of "growth at all costs" strategies and highly available venture funding to a new era of cautious capital. This webinar will highlight the five most important SaaS growth efficiency metrics that companies need to track if they want to thrive in the months and years ahead.

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