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2022 B2B SaaS Benchmarks Report

Learn how your financial and operational metrics stack up against other B2B SaaS companies. Get personalized, cohorted benchmarks according to your company profile.


The 2023 Financial Planning Blueprint

Download this blueprint and complete guide to nailing the 2023 annual planning process. (Plus, get tips for keeping your plan fresh throughout the year.)

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SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet

Download this cheat sheet for easy access to definitions, calculation formulas, and quick tips for 24 of the most important SaaS metrics.


Finance's Complete Guide to CRM Hygiene

Download this guide to learn where CRM setup can go wrong, the five universal rules of CRM hygiene, and how clean revenue data unlocks strategic insights.


Weathering the Storm: How Finance Can Guide Companies Through a Down Market

Finance has an opportunity to be the compass that guides companies through this economic storm. Learn how to uncover strategic insights and make actionable recommendations to leadership about what to do next in this market downturn.


Scaling Your Finance Team: How to Grow Strategic Finance from Zero to IPO

Most companies wait far too long to invest resources in the finance function. Learn how to grow your team effectively from the very first hire all the way to IPO and turn finance into the strategic powerhouse it should be.


2022 SaaS Performance Reporting Benchmarks

Ensure you’re focused on the metrics that matter most to your company’s success and know how to effectively analyze them. Learn how to improve your reporting processes and be a more strategic partner to the rest of the business.


The Modern Buyer’s Guide to Strategic Finance Software

Finance is finally gaining access to tools that address the core challenges of supporting a modern business. But which one is right for your org? Get this software comparison deep-dive to make the best buying decision possible.


The CFO’s Path to a Strategic Seat at the Table

Stop spending weeks putting together backward-looking reports only for the rest of the business to push them aside. Learn how to adopt an agile planning process to help earn you a more strategic seat at the table.


The Modern Financial Planning Blueprint

Don’t spend weeks building your annual plan just for it to go stale on day 1. Learn how to take a more agile approach to planning and be the strategic partner that your business needs.


The Anatomy of a Strategic Finance Function

Finance is expected to be a partner in strategic decision making. But it’s hard to break the mold of backward-looking reporting. Learn how to propel your business forward with the CFO's Guide to Creating a Forward-Looking Operation.


The Startup’s Guide to Finance Fundamentals

So much responsibility rests on the shoulders of finance, yet in the early days, it can feel like there is no getting ahead. Learn how you can go from small and lean to a strategic finance machine.

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