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Get from data to decision in real-time

High-performing teams need a deep connection to the profitability and solvency of their business. Deliver faster, smarter, and more insightful answers so you can drive intentional decisions.
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Transform disparate data points into a point of view.

In finance, working with sheets of data is part of your everyday life. You think in formulas. You communicate in tables, charts, and variances. You eat columns of data for lunch and the numbers you dream about just make sense. For the rest of the company, it’s a different story.
It's time to bring the business together. Evolve from static disconnected spreadsheets, siloed data, and cryptic financial metrics to a new way of getting clear and straight-forward answers in real-time.

The benefits

Eliminate manual errors

Data is clean and enriched in seconds. Never worry about data wrangling and copy-paste errors.

Automate repetitive analysis

Access out-of-the-box templates or create your own custom metrics with easy to use formulas built to scale.

Report in real-time

Get insights today, not next month. Share performance updates with internal and external stakeholders in real-time.


Answer ad hoc questions on the fly

Pull up hundreds of SaaS metrics at the click of a button including complex financial ratios. Easily transform them into charts, graphs, or tables that can be viewed with multiple dimensions.
Out-of-the-box FP&A templates
Combine financial and non-financial metrics
Drill down to explore deeper trends


Uncover revenue and customer trends

Go beyond the general ledger. Access a wide range of metrics to uncover a more complete view of key drivers impacting business performance.

ARR/MRR Trends

Sales Performance

Customer Cohorts

Retention Metrics

cash flow

Know where every dollar is going

Managing inflows and outflows of cash effectively is at the core of business survival. Easily understand your cashflow and expense trends to see how money is being invested down to the department level.

Net burn




Understand performance variances in real-time

See how your projections hold up over time with real-time budget and forecast vs. actual dashboards. Double click to drill down and view root causes so you know when to accelerate or slow down.

Budget vs. actuals

Headcount changes

Performance alerts

Mosaic is an amazing strategic finance platform that gives us all our financial insights in one place.

Meagan MirandaFinance Manager at Wellthy


Bring everything together using intuitive flash reports

The Mosaic analysis canvas enables teams to transform individual insights into a meaningful story. Key metrics, goal variances, and bigger business trends can be customized in minutes.

business decisions

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