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ERP Integrations

While ERPs are a great system of record for accounting, they fall short in providing actionable insights that feed powerful daily or weekly analysis and planning.


Easily analyze your revenue, expenses, margins and financial statements with connections to industry leading ERPs and accounting systems.


CRM Integrations

Finance platforms that can’t capture and interpret CRM data in real time force management to steer the business while looking in the rear-view mirror. Connect Mosaic to your Customer and Sales Pipeline to nail your topline goals.


The most time-sensitive business metrics live in your CRM — monitor retention, renewals, win rates, closed won/lost customer counts and more in real time.


HRIS Integrations

The direct and indirect costs of employees impact budgets across the entire organization. Understand the impact of each hire by connecting your HR system to Mosaic.


Connect your HRIS with your CRM and ERP to forecast the impact of your hiring, time-to-hire, rep-ramp and more.


Billing Integrations

Billings and payment systems are the financing engine of your business. Connect them with Mosaic to give you a timely, holistic view of your cash cycle so you can feel confident in your liquidity planning.


Cash is king. Simplify billing and collections data so you're not struggling to understand your cash position.

Mosaic seamlessly aggregates financial data across platforms for easy reporting and analysis.

Daryl AllenSenior Director of Finance at Gremlin


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