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Workforce Planning Software

Headcount planning just got easier than ever

Manage employee costs and hiring plans with intuitive prebuilt tools. Analyze costs by employee, role, and department in your existing workforce, and plan for new hires and departures at the click of a button. All while visualizing the impact on net income and cash flow.
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Strategic Workforce Planning

Build detailed workforce budgets and forecasts in minutes

Better insights enable better decisions. Bring finance, HR, and business leaders together with collaborative workforce management tools to align hiring plans and labor costs with business goals and strategies.
Mosaic helps you to create dynamic headcount plans with intuitive, out-of-the-box tools. Whether you prefer using a top-down or bottoms-up approach, plan your workforce the way that works best for you.


See what’s driving your biggest expense

Remove the constraints of siloed and static systems. Mosaic connects detailed employee HCM data with company financials to help business leaders understand where and when their largest expenses are being incurred.

Plan faster

Intelligent building blocks and workflows help you model at hyperspeed, analyze core drivers, and roll your forecast forward in seconds.

Plan together

Bring finance and department managers together to build collaborative headcounts in real time.

Plan precisely

Flexible drivers give you pinpoint control. Build multiple scenarios to capture upside and downside cases.


Plan your future with precision

Mosaic’s out-of-the-box workforce planning tools help you build accurate headcount plans and financial forecasts at the employee level. Tweak hiring assumptions and timelines to optimize profitability and streamline decision-making.


Model changes to the business on the fly

Run what-if scenario planning simulations to explore the impact of different hiring plans and assumptions simultaneously. Compare multiple scenarios against each other and choose the one that best supports your strategic plans.


Increase collaboration

Break down silos and simplify the workforce planning process so teams can collaborate on impactful hiring plans that support company goals.

Mosaic is a financial planning platform that is robust AND easy to use.

Shirak ZHead of Finance and Operations

Financial Modeling Software FAQs

What are the benefits of managing my headcount planning process in a cloud-based workforce planning solution like Mosaic compared to spreadsheets?

Mosaic eliminates the tedious, manual, error-prone headaches of Microsoft Excel by automatically connecting source system employee data directly into your financial forecasts, reports, and dashboards. Intuitive modeling and data visualization tools help you build employee forecasts and run what-if scenario analysis with department leaders in real time, empowering better decision-making across the company.

Does Mosaic support talent management and employee engagement?

Does Mosaic help with employee scheduling and time tracking?

Does Mosaic integrate with human capital management software? If so, which ones?

What other source systems does Mosaic integrate with?

Does Mosaic also provide financial close and financial consolidation functionality?

How much does Mosaic cost?

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