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Build the partnership you need to grow your business by bringing stakeholders on the journey. Share in-depth performance metrics to drive more meaningful discussions.
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When we prepare for our Board meeting, instead of scrambling for 3 days before the meeting, now we just run our dashboards automatically right before the meeting with current data from the current quarter. I’m literally done with the whole thing in 5 minutes.

Joel BlachmanOperations and Finance Lead, Amper Technologies

Help leaders and boards work better, together

Investors and the board are powerful allies that help unlock market opportunities. Share detailed performance to help shape future growth.

Build a modern engagement framework

Mosaic streamlines the way data is shared, analyzed, presented, and discussed with investors, board members, and their companies.

Drive visibility while building trust

Access up-to-date, in-depth reporting for enhanced decision-making and increased confidence in the company’s financials.

Act with speed and confidence

Get answers to the full suite of questions — from ad hoc requests to fully flushed out due diligence documents.


Deliver best-in-class reports

Share your quarterly performance, develop a fundraising strategy or create impactful investor packages with a platform built to bring your partners along.

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Board decks and reports
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Automate the read-out

Share plans, reports, and key performance metrics using easy-to-grasp, interactive visuals - just the way investors want to see them.


Upgrade to better business narratives

Telling the story is easier when you focus on exactly what investors want to see. Combine financial and operational metrics to uncover critical insights related to performance, growth, and long-term viability.


Helpful insights for better investor relations

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