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Investors & Board

Mosaic establishes a better way for investors and companies to work together. Mosaic automates financial planning and analysis to provide greater transparency and visibility to investors and board members. Updates can be created quickly and shared securely.

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Inconsistent Metrics

90% of early-stage companies calculate fundamental metrics incorrectly. Inconsistencies in the way important metrics are calculated and reported make them less relevant and reliable. Misleading metrics provide false signal, leading to poor decision making and sub-par outcomes.

Poor Transparency

Company and portfolio reporting is stuck in legacy spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides and PDFs which make it difficult to collaborate and brainstorm around the future.

Backwards Looking Reports

Static quarterly reports don't reveal the insights needed to navigate a complex business landscape. It's impossible to offer relevant advice, expertise and guidance to management if you cannot understand the pulse of the business in real time.

Difficult to Collaborate

Company and portfolio reporting is stuck in legacy spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides and PDFs, which make it difficult to collaborate and brainstorm around the future.


Best Practice Calculations

Mosaic leverages best practice calculations across financial metrics and mitigates the reliance on spreadsheets and outdated processes that lead to inaccurate data and increased risk.

Visibility and Trust

Trust and transparency are built-in, so that investors, board members and executives can have full confidence in their company's financials. Access up to date, in-depth reporting that fosters enhanced decision making.

Collaborative Planning

Forecasts from Mosaic are powered by clear and straight forward assumptions, allowing teams to understand the levers that lead to future growth and success. When the planning process is collaborative and transparent, teams are aligned and in sync.

A New Standard for Collaboration

Mosaic streamlines the way data is shared, analyzed, presented and discussed with investors, board members and their companies. The platform fosters a collaborative, secure environment to aid in decision making.

The First Strategic Finance Platform

Give your business the edge it needs to achieve its full potential. Mosaic consolidates insights across your business, aligning teams and allowing them to perform their work in a unified, cross-functional platform.

Mosaic Analytics

Break down organizational silos with real time analytics. Drive business performance and cross functional collaboration with easy-to-use dashboards, data visualizations, and automated insights.

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Mosaic Planning

Trust your planning to drive results. Easily model and adapt to rapidly changing conditions with flexible financial planning that is fast, accurate and collaborative.

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The Best Companies Hit Their Numbers

Learn how Mosaic can help you strategically manage your business.

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