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Instant insights. Agile plans. Confident growth.


Instant insights.
Agile plans.
Confident growth.

The term ‘growth’ has evolved. Today’s software companies need to grow revenue, customers, and brand, yes, but also operating margins, capital efficiency, and runway. Mosaic is here to help.

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A command center to track the performance metrics that drive your success

Get real-time visibility into KPIs like ARR, ARR changes by product and segment, CAC, retention, burn rate, runway, and more.

A command center to track the performance metrics that drive your success
Model ARR and retention to nail your growth goals

Model ARR and retention to nail your growth goals

Forecast new business, expansion, and churn ARR by customer cohort, product line, and more to map your topline growth trajectory with confidence.

Forecast headcount and vendor expenses with precision

Create bottoms-up headcount and vendor-level expense plans using live data. Analyze granular BvA variances to keep your biggest expenses in check and optimize EBITDA.

Prep in minutes and shine in front of the Board

Present beautifully tailored performance dashboards complete with real-time analytics, forecasts, what-if scenarios, and commentary explaining your path to success.

Keep a clear view of cash flow and runway at all times

Gain clear insights into cash inflows, outflows, and expense trends to control net burn, extend runway, and prepare for your next funding round.
Know where runway and cash flow stand at all times

A complete suite of features for every modern services company

Agile planning

Create a holistic company-wide plan across finance, HR, sales, and delivery.

Automated analytics

Get started fast with 150+ metrics and 35+ reporting and dashboard templates, or build your own.

Custom Metric Builder

Create metrics unique to your business using any and all datasets in Mosaic.

Flexible topline planner

Build driver-based models by account, department, project, customer, and more.

Detailed headcount planner

Add new hires, schedule departures, and auto-reconcile headcount plans against HRIS rosters.

Connected 3-statement models

Watch as P&L forecast assumptions automatically flow through to the balance sheet and cash flow.

What-if scenario planning

Evaluate multiple options simultaneously based on different assumptions and drivers.

User-based security 
& collaboration

Share insights with key players across the org while ensuring they only see what you want them to.

Own the 
of your business.