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Analyze every outcome. Plan every move.

Mosaic is the Strategic Finance Platform for the entire business, providing real-time analytics and planning that get teams from data to decision — faster.

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The complete platform for strategic finance teams.

Real-Time Data

Connect your entire tech stack in one place to analyze and plan with dynamic data.

30+ prebuilt integrations

Direct connections with popular ERP, CRM, billing, HRIS, and data warehouse systems

CSV file uploads for ad-hoc datasets


Analyze every area of performance with dozens of metrics powered by live data.

150+ out-of-the-box metrics, plus unlimited custom metrics

35 best-practice reporting templates, plus custom report builder

Role-based user access


Plan for every outcome with our complete suite of best-practice planning tools.

Advanced model builder

Connected 3-statement models

Unlimited what-if scenario planning


Connect your most important financial systems in minutes.

Out-of-the-box integrations unlock the value trapped within existing systems. Spare your engineering team from another tedious implementation and connect data instantly.

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Strategic Finance

It’s time to see the bigger picture.

Finance teams have spent the majority of their efforts in reactive mode, wrangling data to unlock basic facts about the past. A Strategic Finance Platform breaks that cycle by integrating data, automating analytics, and connecting teams so they can focus on the future.
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Master your metrics and report in real time.

Harness the power of automated data integrations to streamline and consolidate financial and operational data. Uncover performance trends and plan for the future confidently knowing critical metrics are always up to date and available in real time.

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Forget tedious tasks and focus on strategic wins.

Mosaic streamlines critical financial processes to save time and reduce errors, allowing you and your team to focus on value-added activities rather than time-intensive manual tasks.


Make decisions together at lightning speed.

Unleash the full potential of your business with automated insights, collaborative dashboards, and interactive modeling. Build cross-functional alignment that drives performance by sharing the right insights with the right people at the right time.

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Mosaic Planning

Mosaic offers a complete financial planning toolkit for FP&A teams built on best practices from industry leaders. Leverage all your data across unlimited scenarios so you can anticipate every outcome and hit every goal.

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Join the teams making decisions based on data, not whim

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