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Mosaic is a Strategic Finance Platform that transforms the way business gets done

Trusted by High-Growth Finance Teams Globally

The First Strategic Finance Platform

Give your business the edge it needs to achieve its full potential. Mosaic consolidates insights across your business, aligning teams and allowing them to perform their work in a unified, cross-functional platform.

Break down organizational silos with real time analytics. Drive business performance and cross functional collaboration with easy-to-use dashboards, data visualizations, and automated insights.

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Trust your planning to drive results. Easily model and adapt to rapidly changing conditions with flexible financial planning that is fast, accurate and collaborative.

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Connect Your Data in Seconds

Unlike legacy finance tools, which require heavy implementation and professional services, Mosaic connects with your existing tech stack and is up and running in just a few clicks.

Model Scenarios in Minutes

Your financial plan is too important to live in a spreadsheet, and it shouldn't take weeks to update. Mosaic can automate your financial forecasts with just a few inputs.

Report in Real-Time

Don't wait 30 days after the month ends to get an accurate understanding of how your business performed. With Mosaic, your most critical metrics are always up to date and available on demand. No more late night surges updating numbers while cramming for important meetings.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Critical information shouldn't be scattered across hand written notes, emails, and productivity applications. Mosaic's collaboration features allow for access and visibility into shared financial data so that there is consensus, unity, and ultimately trust in information and decisions.

Mosaic is Built for the Entire Business

No matter who you are, or what team you are on, Mosaic empowers you to make better decisions that help drive your business forward.

Mosaic is the Ironman suit for modern-day CFOs and finance teams. With Mosaic, teams spend less time aggregating data and more time analyzing it. Easily understand the story behind the numbers, and propel the business forward with strategic planning and insights.

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Mosaic helps Founders and CEOs drive financial strategy. Mosaic incorporates best practice FP&A concepts, making it easy for Finance veterans or entrepreneurs alike to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Mosaic establishes a better way for investors and companies to work together. Mosaic automates financial planning and analysis to provide greater transparency and visibility to investors and board members. Updates can be created quickly and shared securely.

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Mosaic fosters transparency and collaboration between finance and business teams so they can optimize decision-making together. The Mosaic platform makes it easy to set goals and track performance across important KPIs that are generated from a single, unified set of data.

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Integrate Your Most Important Financial Systems

Mosaic integrates with your existing tech stack and is up and running in the same day, with no changes to your existing systems or processes. No implementation required.

The Best Companies Hit Their Numbers

Learn how Mosaic can help you strategically manage your business.

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