The 10 SaaS Metrics You Didn't Know You Needed
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Sales and Marketing

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Increase sales performance and optimize your go-to-market strategy with on-demand metrics to align, track, and crush your revenue goals.
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Mosaic turned our existing CRM data into strategic insights. Sales and finance can now have meaningful discussions around opportunities for expansion.

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Analyze sales capacity and rep ramp

Build topline forecasts using sales capacity and quota attainment models. Run real-time what-if scenarios around ramp times, staffing needs, and quota attainment to zero in on top-line goals.


Predict pipeline and bookings

Understand the speed and efficency of your go-to-market motion to accurately forecast new bookings and revenue.


View critical efficiency metrics

Spark growth and enhance decision making with powerful on-demand sales insights. Measure CAC payback, magic number, and lifetime value to help optimize acquisition costs.


Get answers today, not next week

Are we growing revenue efficently?
How is the sales team performing?
Is our pipeline healthy?


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