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Finance Teams & CFOs

Mosaic is the Ironman suit for modern-day CFOs and finance teams. With Mosaic, teams spend less time aggregating data and more time analyzing it. Easily understand the story behind the numbers, and propel the business forward with strategic planning and insights.

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Time Spent on Low Value Tasks

Finance teams spend more time updating spreadsheets than driving strategy. Manual financial planning and analysis is time-consuming and error-prone. Models are strung together by dozens of spreadsheets and band-aided by hardcodes, making it a constant struggle to keep everything up to date and eliminate errors.

Backwards Looking Analysis

When so much of your time and effort is taken up reporting on the past, you do not have time to focus on the present or the future. An organization looking in the rearview mirror instead of gazing forward towards the horizon is destined to crash.

Inaccessible Tools

Legacy Finance tools require indoctrination and training. They are designed to keep the business out instead of inviting them in. As a result, department heads aren't invested in the planning or analysis process, and it can be challenging to get buy-in when it's time to take action.

Fragmented Data

Finance teams need to process information from ERPs, CRMs, HR systems, billing platforms, marketing tools and more. With all of these systems containing different pieces of your financial puzzle, it is impossible to ensure that everyone is working off of the same data with a shared understanding.


Automated Workflows

Mosaic allows data to flow freely from each system into an engine that consolidates insights and automates forecasts, allowing teams to streamline manual processes. Strategic finance can only occur when teams are free from repetitive, mundane tasks.

Forward Looking Insights

With real-time data at your finger tips, you can use the past to inform the future at a moment’s notice. Spend your time making strategic recommendations to leadership and scenario planning for the future instead of being buried in Excel workbooks.

A Platform Built for Collaboration

An intuitive, user friendly experience designed for Finance teams and the business. Collaborate cross-functionally and plan as a team. Democratized financial data creates cohesion and transparency, leading to trust and better decision making.

A Shared Understanding of the Truth

Break down organizational silos with real-time analytics. Drive business performance and cross functional collaboration with easy-to-use dashboards, data visualizations and automated insights.

The First Strategic Finance Platform

Give your business the edge it needs to achieve its full potential. Mosaic consolidates insights across your business, aligning teams and allowing them to perform their work in a unified, cross-functional platform.

Break down organizational silos with real time analytics. Drive business performance and cross functional collaboration with easy-to-use dashboards, data visualizations, and automated insights.

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Trust your planning to drive results. Easily model and adapt to rapidly changing conditions with flexible financial planning that is fast, accurate and collaborative.

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Learn how Mosaic can help you strategically manage your business.

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