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Finance & CFOs

Shift from tactical to strategic

Redefine the finance role by spending less time on low value tasks and more time guiding the business with forward-looking insight.
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Finance professionals want to get out of the manual work and move on to something more fun, more rewarding, more empowering. Work that will help them develop into senior finance leaders. Mosaic has definitely helped my team do that.

Yaya ZhouVP of Finance, Enboarder


Bring your entire toolkit together under one roof

Drive business performance and cross-functional collaboration with a powerful, fully integrated suite of analysis and planning products.
Real-time analytics
Driver based forecasts
On-demand financial reports


Put workflows on cruise control

Free finance teams from repetitive, mundane tasks with automated workflows that put more time back on the clock to drive strategic analysis.

Automated headcount reconciliation

Seamless version control

Annual or Rolling forecasts

Live forecast vs. actuals


Get answers today, not next week

What will our runway look like after our big raise?
How many of those leads convert to pipeline?
How does my pipeline contribute to cash collections?


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