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State of Venture Funding 2023 — Q&A with OMERS Ventures

Join Eugene Lee and Marissa Moore from OMERS Ventures alongside Mosaic's CEO, Bijan Moallemi, as they answer your most pressing questions about the current state of venture funding in mid-2023.


About the Webinar

We’re about to hit an inflection point for VC-backed companies. It’s just about time for the wave of startups that raised at the peak of venture funding in mid-2021 to raise funds again — and they’ll have to do so in a very different environment. Mosaic knows first-hand how challenging it can be after just raising a Series C with OMERS Ventures.

Join Mosaic and OMERS Ventures as we answer your biggest questions about raising a round in the tough conditions of mid-2023.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How investors are thinking about deploying capital right now
  • What it takes to get an investor’s attention in these market conditions
  • The metric benchmarks to aim for if you want to look attractive to VCs
  • What the due diligence process looks like now versus years past


Eugene Lee

Principal, OMERS Ventures

Marissa Moore

Investor, OMERS Ventures

bijan moallemi headshot

Bijan Moallemi

Co-Founder and CEO, Mosaic

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