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Strategic Finance's Guide to Planning Season 2024

Thursday, September 28th
11am PT | 2pm ET

Join experts from Mosaic, Mostly Metrics, and Tidelift as we share insights, strategies, and tools to help you build a perfect strategy for this year's annual planning cycle.

Strategic Finance's Guide to Planning Season 2024
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About the Webinar

As we approach Q4, finance professionals face evolving challenges and opportunities as they set their outlooks on planning for the upcoming year. Join CJ Gustafson of Mostly Metrics, Joe Garafalo of Mosaic, and Brian Weisberg of Tidelift as they walk you through this proven 5-step process to tackle annual planning.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key trends and challenges shaping this years planning process
  • How to build an effective sales capacity model
  • Tips and tricks for designing a marketing budget
  • And how to model your P&L


CJ Gustafson

Founder, Mostly Metrics

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Joe Garafalo

Co-founder, Mosaic

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Brian Weisberg

CFO, Tidelift

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