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Cautious Capital: 5 Growth Efficiency Metrics Every SaaS Company Needs Now

The SaaS industry has shifted from a multi-year era of "growth at all costs" strategies and highly available venture funding to a new era of cautious capital. This webinar will highlight the five most important SaaS growth efficiency metrics that companies need to track if they want to thrive in the months and years ahead.

Cautious Capital: 5 Growth Efficiency Metrics Every SaaS Company Needs Now

About the Webinar

In the wake of an economic downturn, the most successful companies will be the ones that can strike the perfect balance between growth and efficiency. More than ever, SaaS executives and finance leaders have to focus on their unit economics and revenue growth efficiency metrics to show that they’re operating sustainably. This webinar will focus on the most important growth efficiency metrics to help your company thrive in an era of cautious capital — net dollar retention, LTV:CAC, the rule of 40, CAC ratio, and CAC payback period. For each, our experts will cover:

  • Why the metric is a critical component of a SaaS growth narrative
  • How to properly calculate the metric
  • Benchmarks for healthy SaaS businesses and fundraising success
  • How to properly visualize and tell a story around the metric


Ray Rike

Founder and CEO, RevOps Squared

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Ben Murray

Founder, The SaaS CFO

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Holly Chen

VP of Marketing, Mosaic

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