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Integrate NetSuite & Mosaic



NetSuite houses all your critical accounting data, but it wasn’t built to surface the must-have insights you need to run your business. Integrating Netsuite and Mosaic connects your accounting data with your CRM and HRIS for a comprehensive, collaborative view of business performance.
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Mosaic and NetSuite are an indispensable combo. Use NetSuite as your official accounting book of record, then integrate those historical actuals into Mosaic for comprehensive reporting, analytics, and forecasting with the rest of your business data.

Create financial and BvA variance reports in seconds

Automate recurring financial reporting packages with prebuilt or custom reports, and real-time accurate data

Drill down to see the transactions that drive performance

Dynamically explore the detail that make up balances, trends, and variances for deeper context

Automatically update actuals in reports, forecasts and models

Say goodbye to the endless hours of manual copy-and-paste updates, risks of errors, and broken formulas

Combine financial and operational data to unlock new insights

Get instant visibility into marketing efficiency metrics, sales pipeline, bookings, CAC, retention, runway, burn and more

Key Features

Mosaic has all the tools you need to transform your core accounting data into actionable financial and operational insights that drive success.


1-click data connection to NetSuite

Intelligent data mapping

150+ prebuilt financial and business metrics

35+ report and dashboard templates

Out-of-the-box GAAP financial statements

Custom financial report builder

Automated actuals in reports, dashboards, and models

Dynamic analysis and dashboarding

Automated forecast vs. actual reporting

Transaction-level drilldown

Automated Consolidations, Currency Translations, and Eliminations

Role-based user access

Key Metrics

Mosaic makes it easy to report, forecast, and share all the key financial metrics of the financial statements, plus all the operational business metrics that guide decision-making and performance.

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How It Works

Data integration shouldn’t be hard. At Mosaic, we make it easy. Get connected and start analyzing your data in minutes with these four simple steps.



Enter your NetSuite account credentials directly within Mosaic


Load all your source data in Mosaic in 1 click


Map your GL data to Mosaic with intelligent mapping tools


Start analyzing and modeling

Shared Data

GL Chart of Account Structure
Intercompany eliminations
GL Account Balances
Subsidiaries and legal entities
Sub-ledger transactions
Local and common currencies 
and FX rates

See It in Action


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Why should I use Mosaic?

Teams use Mosaic to save more than 40 hours a month on highly manual, error-prone consolidations, calculations, and financial reporting. Mosaic gives finance teams a dedicated platform to streamline the financial planning and reporting process helping align teams around goals and strategy.

What prerequisites do I need to connect NetSuite to Mosaic?

Which of these solutions should I implement first?

Should I implement NetSuite and Mosaic at the same time?

What if I’m in the process of migrating from another ERP to NetSuite? Should I wait until I finish the migration before implementing Mosaic?

Which is more expensive: NetSuite or Mosaic?

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