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Integrate Snowflake & Mosaic



Snowflake is a central hub for business data generated by numerous software systems across an organization. Sync this data into Mosaic to drive deeper analysis and more comprehensive business modeling.
Start using Snowflake with Mosaic today


Automatically sync operational data directly from Snowflake and use it to build custom metrics, analyze performance drivers, and create detailed operational plans.

Tap into an extensive library of operational data

Access vast networks of business data in a one-stop-shop fashion, rather than connecting to dozens of systems individually.

Combine financial and ops data to see the bigger picture

Go beyond your core financial systems to build a complete, connected view of all the business activities that drive financial results.

Turn tables of raw data into deep financial context

Use Mosaic to transform Snowflake’s vast operational datasets into the financial structure and logic that unlock insights important to finance.

Plan for growth by connecting every piece of the puzzle

Leverage datasets from Snowflake to power more expansive financial models, metrics, and analyses across the Mosaic platform.

Key Features

Mosaic has all the tools you need to transform your raw Snowflake data into contextualized financial and operational insights that drive financial success.


1-click data connection to Snowflake

Intelligent data mapping

150+ prebuilt financial and business metrics

35+ report and dashboard templates

Out-of-the-box financial and business metric dashboards

Metric Builder to build custom metrics

Custom report builder

Automated Snowflake actuals in reports, dashboards, and models

Automated forecast vs. actual reporting

Snowflake transaction-level drilldown

Role-based user access

Key Metrics

Mosaic makes it easy to report, forecast, and share key business metrics that drive your financial and operational success — from pipeline and bookings, to revenue and collection schedules, product usage, and customer health. Combine Snowflake data with the rest of your financials for a complete view of business performance.

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How It Works

Data integration shouldn’t be hard. At Mosaic, we make it easy. Get connected and start analyzing your data in minutes with these four simple steps.



Enter your Snowflake account credentials directly within Mosaic


Sync your source data in Mosaic in just a few clicks


Map Snowflake data to Mosaic with intelligent mapping tools


Start building metrics, analyzing, and modeling

Shared Data

Marketing Funnel Metrics
Custom Billing Schedules
Product Usage & Consumption
Revenue & Collection Schedules
Customer Support Tickets
Gross Merchandise Volume

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Are there any prerequisites I need to connect Snowflake to Mosaic?

You must have the Snowflake Connector included in your Mosaic subscription to connect. Please reach out to your Mosaic Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to learn more. With the proper subscription in place, there are no additional technical prerequisites. Just follow the simple connection instructions, and you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

What kind of data can I bring in from Snowflake?

What is Snowflake best used for?

What is Mosaic best used for?

Are there any best-practices once I connect my data to Mosaic?

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