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Integrate HubSpot & Mosaic



HubSpot houses all your critical sales and customer data. But historically, integrating HubSpot to your financial systems for timely, actionable insights has been difficult. Mosaic is here to help.
Start using HubSpot with Mosaic today


Use HubSpot to manage sales pipeline, ARR Bookings, and customer account info. Sync that detail into Mosaic to analyze sales metrics and trends, and build detailed revenue models to forecast future growth.

Create real-time, interactive sales metrics dashboards

Instantly analyze key sales performance metrics like average rep ramp time, pipeline generation, days to close, and retention rates by customer cohort.

Drill down to see the transactions that drive revenue performance

Dynamically explore the account details that make up balances, trends, and variances for deeper context.

Automatically update actuals in reports, forecasts and models

Say goodbye to the endless hours of manual copy-and-paste updates, risks of errors, and broken formulas.

Combine financial and operational data to unlock new insights

Get instant visibility into sales efficiency metrics and explore how topline results flow through to net income, cash balance, and runway.

Key Features

Mosaic has all the tools you need to transform your sales pipeline and customer data into actionable financial and operational insights that drive success.


1-click data connection to HubSpot

Intelligent data mapping

150+ prebuilt financial and business metrics

35+ report and dashboard templates

Out-of-the-box sales pipeline dashboards

Metric Builder to customize any metric

Custom report builder

Automated CRM actuals in reports, dashboards, and models

Automated forecast vs. actual reporting

CRM Transaction-level drilldown

ole-based user access

Key Metrics

Mosaic makes it easy to report, forecast, and share all the key sales metrics that drive your topline — from pipeline to bookings, ARR, ACV, days to close, and more. Combine sales data with the rest of your financials for a complete view of business performance.

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How It Works

Data integration shouldn’t be hard. At Mosaic, we make it easy. Get connected and start analyzing your data in minutes with these four simple steps.



Enter your HubSpot account credentials directly within Mosaic


Load all your source data in Mosaic in 1 click


Map your CRM data to Mosaic with intelligent mapping tools


Start analyzing and modeling

Shared Data

Annual Contract Value
Days to Close
Contract Duration

See It in Action


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Why should I use Mosaic?

Finance teams use Mosaic to save more than 40 hours a month on highly manual data aggregation, formatting, and performance reporting. Mosaic gives finance teams a dedicated platform to streamline financial and operational performance reporting and modeling, helping align teams on forward-looking goals and strategy.

What prerequisites do I need to connect HubSpot to Mosaic?

Should I implement Mosaic first or HubSpot first?

What if I’m in the process of migrating from another CRM to HubSpot? Should I wait until the migration is finished before implementing Mosaic?

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