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Collaborative Budgeting

Make planning a team sport

Bring teams together to quickly identify spending guardrails and revenue acceleration strategies. Transform budgeting from single player to multi-player by inviting department leads to participate.
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Connect the business to its drivers

Remove the constraints of siloed and static systems. Mosaic connects financial insights to departmental leaders to craft more precise financial models.

Business insights

Finance holds the key to past performance and historical trends that provide a building block for future budgets.

Department assumptions

Cross functional leaders have the experience to help craft more accurate drivers with first hand knowledge.

The benefits

Centralize planning

Create a single source of truth for cross-functional teams with integrated data pulled from key source systems.

Increase collaboration

Teams can work together to model the most impactful initiatives giving way to clear investment paths.

Empower leaders

Set up goals and track performance across any metric. Real-time budget vs. actuals help teams know where they stand at all times.

Adapt in real-time

Comment on the latest figures, roll forward models, and action on opportunities for improvement.

flexible forecasting

Build detailed budgets in minutes

Mosaic allows you to create budgets based on any requirement, whether you prefer using top-down or bottoms-up approach. Build plans based on historical data using flexible drivers or start from scratch with custom formulas.
Flexible forecast methods
Live impact modeling
Driver based expense planning

driver based planning

Collaborate on cross-functional team goals

Connect with department leaders to gather the right expense and revenue assumptions. Then seamlessly run scenarios to view the impact of different drivers on revenue and expenses.

Robust user permissions

Department budget trackers

In-app notes and messages


Monitor performance and quickly adjust forecasts

Perform variance analysis by comparing plan vs. actuals. Drill down into transaction-level data to identify deltas by account, department, vendor or date.

Interactive drill-downs

Rolling forecasts

Live dashboards or PDF reports

The ability to see budget vs actuals in real-time has transformed the way we engage with departments.

Gigi WongDirector of Finance at Dooly

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