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Financial Modeling

See the future with clarity

Model future outcomes with real-time data, flexible drivers and advanced assumptions. Share progress with teams to quickly adapt to changing conditions.
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Agile Planning

Plan for growth by connecting every piece of the puzzle

Better insights enable smarter decisions. The Mosaic platform combines accounting, workforce, customer and operational data so you can take control of outcomes. Forecast multiple scenarios to see the business from every angle.
Model potential outcomes based on real-time metrics and projected growth strategies while collaborating with teams across your business so everyone can tackle the future with confidence.


Understand the impact of every decision

Build dynamic forecasts and see the impact of changes in real-time. Show partners the dependencies of your assumptions and track them as you go so everyone is on the same page.

Plan faster

Intelligent building blocks help you model at hyper-speed, analyze core drivers, and roll your forecast forward in seconds.

Plan together

Build models at a department level. Then track budget vs. actuals to make more collaborative decisions.

Plan precisely

Flexible drivers give you pin point control. Build multiple scenarios to capture upside and downside cases.


Identify key drivers to reach revenue goals

Drive predictable revenue across new business, renewals, upsells, and cross sells. Build a model from the ground up using intuitive formulas everyone can understand.


Model the impact of hiring decisions

Plan by individual new hire or use driver-based assumptions to plot in future employee growth. Account for fully-loaded headcount costs like benefits, bonuses, and payroll taxes.


Forecast your spend accurately

Trend expenses based on historicals, or double click to forecast spend by vendor. Set up unique drivers for each account to model costs accurately.


Manage cash flow with confidence

See the impact of increased or decreased revenue outlooks, headcount changes, and capital expenditures within seconds.


Run unlimited scenarios

Build what-if scenarios without the headaches of version control and limitations of spreadsheets. Quickly compare scenarios to stress-test assumptions and understand different versions of the future.

Mosaic is a financial planning platform that is robust AND easy to use.

Shirak ZHead of Finance and Operations

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