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2023 B2B SaaS Benchmarks Report

Learn how your financial and operational metrics stack up against other B2B SaaS companies. Get personalized, cohorted benchmarks according to your company profile.


About the Report

In early 2023, Benchmarkit partnered with Mosaic and others to collect anonymized data from 1,880 B2B SaaS companies. The report benchmarked 17 B2B SaaS metrics across five key categories — capital efficiency, operational efficiency, customer acquisition, customer expansion, and customer retention.

Download the report now to learn:

  • Aggregate benchmarks from 1,880 peers in the B2B SaaS space
  • Overall changes in key performance indicators from 2022’s report to 2023
  • Insight into how companies are thinking about the changing market dynamics
  • Performance indicators to be on the lookout for throughout the rest of 2023

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