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Financial Reporting Software

Put your financial reporting on autopilot

Instantly generate financial reports and dashboards on demand from a trusted source of financial truth. Empower your finance team with fast and reliable access to insights for better business decisions.
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automated workflows

Break the tedious month-end financial reporting cycle

The month-end financial reporting cycle has historically relied on siloed data sets, complex spreadsheets, and manual, time-consuming processes. The reporting process becomes even more cumbersome when managing multiple systems, international legal entities, and foreign currencies.
Shorten lengthy month-end reporting cycles by generating financial and management reports and dashboards in a single system for full visibility, control, and better decision-making. Automate GL actuals, intercompany eliminations, currency conversion, and CTA adjustments to help your finance team deliver financial results faster.


Consolidation and close process made simple

Plug in your ERP systems or accounting software — and press play. Bring together financial and business data from multiple entities and systems in one central platform to easily analyze past, present, and future performance.

foreign currency

Automate exchange rate calculations

Streamline foreign exchange rate calculations and view consolidated performance in the currency of your choice. Exchange rate fluctuations are seamlessly added to cumulative translation adjustment (CTA) accounts for you.

inter-company accounts

Run smart, seamless eliminations

Automate intercompany elimination entries while keeping the flexibility to control exactly what gets eliminated by account or vendor.

consolidated financials

Explore on-demand financial statements, reports, and dashboards

Easily toggle between GAAP and management reporting views. Run scenario variance analysis, view budget vs. actuals, and drive a faster monthly close. Out-of-the-box report and dashboard templates let you quickly present financial results in a variety of formats for any audience. Or create your own custom reports for your unique needs.

Lifesaver for connecting our global financial processes.

Ashleigh JanssenStrategic Finance

Spend less time consolidating and more time sharing insights

Save 10 hours on consolidation each month.

Automated flux analysis helps you spot trends and large variances. Drill down to general ledger detail to see the underlying journal entries that make up your balances.

Get better insights and close the books in as little as 3 days!

Financial Reporting Software FAQs

What are the benefits of managing my reporting process in a cloud-based financial management software like Mosaic compared to Microsoft Excel?

Mosaic eliminates the tedious, manual, error-prone headaches of Microsoft Excel by automatically syncing source system operational and financial data directly into your business financial reports, dashboards, and models. Intuitive data visualization and collaboration tools make it easy to build forecasts and run what-if scenario analysis with department leaders in real time, empowering better decision-making across the company.

Does Mosaic support financial planning capabilities in addition to financial reporting tools?

What sources systems does Mosaic connect with?

Who are the typical users of Mosaic?

Can Mosaic help me produce cash flow statements that compare forecast against actuals?

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