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Financial Data Analytics Software

Turn data into actionable insights in real time

Today’s business leaders rely on their finance teams to distill mountains of financial and operational data into actionable recommendations to maximize revenue, profitability, and cash flow, all at a moment’s notice. Mosaic delivers a one-stop-shop for faster and more insightful answers to your most important business questions so you can make smarter financial decisions.
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Craft the financial story to explain the “why” behind the numbers

In finance, it’s your job to be a financial storyteller, bringing business intelligence to the table to communicate what’s driving financial performance today and what opportunities exist to optimize financial results in the future. But to do that, you need the right insights at your fingertips at all times.
Evolve from static disconnected Excel spreadsheets, siloed data and workflows, and cryptic financial reporting metrics to a new way of getting clear and straight-forward answers in real-time.

The benefits

Eliminate manual errors

Data is clean and enriched in seconds in a single source of truth. Never worry about data wrangling, copy-paste errors, or data integrity issues again.

Bring all your data together, all in one place

Access 30+ native data connectors, 125+ prebuilt metrics, and out-of-the-box dashboards and templates to instantly surface the insights that matter most to your company’s success.

Automate reporting & analytics for instant insights

Get insights today, not next month. Streamline financial and management reporting and share performance insights with internal and external stakeholders in real time.


Answer ad hoc questions on the fly

Surface hundreds SaaS metrics at the click of a button including complex financial ratios. Easily visualize them in charts, graphs, or tables to uncover new insights faster. Filter by multiple dimensions and attributes and drill down to transaction details in just a few clicks.
30+ integrations bring your most important data together
50+ out-of-the-box FP&A templates to get started fast
125+ prebuilt financial and non-financial metrics, no coding required
Transaction drill-down to explore deeper trends behind the numbers


Uncover revenue and customer trends

Go beyond the general ledger. Access a wide range of operational metrics and financial KPIs to uncover deeper insights into the key drivers impacting business performance.

ARR/MRR Trends

Sales Performance

Customer Cohorts

Retention Metrics

cash flow

Know where every dollar is going

Managing inflows and outflows of cash effectively is at the core of business survival and a critical part of financial management. Easily understand your cash flow and expense trends to see how money is being invested down to the department level.

Net burn

Cash Flow



Understand performance variances in real time

See how your projections hold up over time with real-time budget and forecast vs. actual reports and dashboards. Double click to drill down to the underlying transaction detail and view root causes so you know when to accelerate or slow down.

Three-statement financial reports

Budget vs. actual variance reporting

What-if scenario analysis

Mosaic is an amazing strategic finance platform that gives us all our financial insights in one place.

Meagan MirandaFinance Manager at Wellthy


Bring everything together using intuitive, visual reports

The Mosaic analysis canvas enables teams to transform individual insights into a meaningful story for better decision-making. Key metrics, goal variances, and reporting views can be customized in minutes to tell your story your way.

Financial Data Analytics Software FAQs

What are the benefits of managing my business reporting in a financial analytics software tool like Mosaic compared to Microsoft Excel?

Mosaic eliminates the tedious, manual, error-prone headaches of Microsoft Excel by automatically syncing data from your ERP and other data sources directly into Mosaic’s interactive reports and dashboards. Intuitive data visualization and collaboration tools make it easy to explore and share performance trends with department leaders in real time, empowering everyone to make better business decisions.

Who are the typical users of Mosaic?

Does Mosaic also provide financial close and financial consolidation functionality?

Does Mosaic support cloud-based financial modeling and operational planning?

Can Mosaic help me produce cash flow statements?

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