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How Virsec Is Scaling Finance and Enhancing Financial Insights Without Adding Any Resources

“Today, companies are constantly iterating on plans, reforecasting, and doing a ton of different scenario planning. Mosaic makes that so easy. It’s been a total game-changer for us.”
Daniel Kang

Director of Finance, Virsec

Tech Stack
freed up for finance team
to create new comparisons and models
hours cut
from ad hoc report creation

About Virsec

Virsec protects the world’s most important applications and systems from the inside, stopping advanced cyberattacks on any application workload in any environment. Its platform maps exactly what software is supposed to do and stops, in milliseconds, any deviations to prevent attackers from leveraging vulnerabilities to execute control and run malicious code. Virsec is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has offices around the world.

The Challenge

Scaling Finance Without Expanding Finance

Daniel Kang was the first FP&A hire at Virsec. The company had previously outsourced much of its financial efforts, which ran on Excel. With Daniel coming from a larger company, he knew a better foundation had to be in place before he could build out the finance team and prepare for the company’s growth.

“It would have been a challenge to continue doing all of our planning and reporting in Excel,” Daniel explained. He had previously looked at the market for better finance tools, but at the time, there were no options that made sense as many of these vendors required a large budget and quoted implementation times of 6 months or more. He also did not want to add a resource just to deploy and maintain a heavy software suite. Daniel needed a tool that could provide more flexible and easier planning/reporting so Daniel could deliver better financial insights in less time.

“It’s tough to scale when I’m spending so much of my time in spreadsheets, pulling together various financial scenarios and board reporting. We needed something unique, like BI for finance.”

Daniel KangDirector of Finance, Virsec

The Solution

Better, More Professional Insights With Much Less Effort

The big, traditional finance solutions didn’t fit with Virsec’s current needs. Daniel knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with monthly reporting, let alone ad hoc requests from the leadership team and the board members — especially as Virsec continued on its growth trajectory. But then, he found Mosaic.

“Once I looked into Mosaic and saw that the fast implementation time would significantly reduce our cost of ownership and significantly reduce the need for maintenance, it was clear that the value was incredible,” said Daniel. “Mosaic just made sense.”

Virsec quickly integrated Mosaic with its existing Salesforce and NetSuite systems, and started using Mosaic for its monthly close and consolidation, forecasting, and reporting weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics. The company then started using Mosaic for its P&L, top line, OpEx, headcount, balance sheet, and more, with Daniel saying Virsec is now using “the full breadth of Mosaic.”

The real “wow moment” for Daniel came when, just weeks after starting with Mosaic, it was time to pull together the company’s quarterly reporting package.

“This was the first time our leadership team had clear visibility into the company’s performance,” Daniel added. “It looked super professional, was comprehensive, and included all of our data. They loved it, and I was really impressed with how quickly it was to pull everything together in Mosaic. It’s been a game changer.”

Now, Daniel works in Mosaic to build nearly all of his financial reports. When business leaders need insights, he can create dashboards or build comparisons in “a couple of clicks.” Or, Daniel just gives the executive leaders direct access to Mosaic to view or run their own reports.

“Experiencing first hand how quickly I was able to compile our KPIs gave me confirmation that we had absolutely made the right decision going with Mosaic.”

The Impact

Speed and Scalability, Plus More Than 10 Hours Saved per Month

Mosaic supports Virsec’s one-man FP&A team to create board-quality financial plans, reports, models, and more with just a few clicks and the confidence of knowing the data is always up to date. Daniel can keep up with increasing demands on finance now, but also has a solid foundation in place to maintain that pace as his team, and Virsec, continue to grow.

“We finally have easy access to our top-line, performance, etc., in just a couple of clicks,” said Daniel. “The number of hours saved, it’s at least 10 hours per month and goes up from there.”

When asked about Mosaic benefits, Daniel points to “something as underappreciated as version control,” as he put it. It’s such a hassle when working with spreadsheets, as every finance professional knows. With Mosaic, however, Daniel doesn’t have to think about version control, even as current uncertainty and a rapidly shifting economic outlook calls for frequent iterations on plans and forecasts. It even helps as Daniel builds new models, clones existing models, or compares scenarios side-by-side without worrying about the underlying data.

“Not worrying about version control has been a huge welcome for us,” Daniel added. “Mosaic is really elevating the efficiency of our team and our ability to produce fast insights with confidence.”

Now, with Mosaic as its foundation, the entire team at Virsec has more time to focus on performance because it’s spending less time wrangling spreadsheets, formulas, and versions.

“We want to make financial data, reporting, planning, and insights part of our DNA at Virsec,” Daniel concluded. “Mosaic isn’t just our financial planning system — it’s robust reporting for the entire organization. It feels like a no-brainer, and we have absolutely no regret. Mosaic is going to scale with us for many years to come.”

“I keep using the cliché ‘game changer’ over and over, but that’s just how I view Mosaic. I’m super happy with it.”

About Virsec
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