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How Mosaic Saves SupportLogic Up to 15 Hours Per Week and Provides Unprecedented Visibility Into the Business

“After opening email and looking at my calendar, Mosaic is the next thing I look at every morning.”
Nick Tarnoff

VP of Finance at SupportLogic

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About SupportLogic

SupportLogic uses AI to extract and analyze customer signals from every support interaction to help businesses understand and act on the voice of the customer in real time to build healthy relationships and maximize customer lifetime value. SupportLogic insights and recommended actions help support teams to predict and prevent escalations, reduce churn, and elevate agent performance to deliver a better customer support experience.

The Challenge

Too Many Questions, Not Enough Time

Nick Tarnoff joined SupportLogic soon after its Series B funding round closed. The company was entering a new phase of growth, yet its finance and accounting functions were outsourced and part-time, and its bookkeeper’s tools couldn’t integrate data from SupportLogic’s HRIS system. It was just enough to do the basics — but SupportLogic obviously needed more.

“We could handle reports and do a crude dashboard in Excel, but couldn’t get to the higher-level financial analysis that we needed,” recalled Nick Tarnoff, VP of Finance at SupportLogic. “What we needed was a way to find the good, clean data to give us quick visibility. Then, we needed to do the pressure testing, the scenario models, and quickly show the outputs. But it had to be very easy to change and update.”

Using its existing QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Justworks as the data sources, Nick knew spreadsheets weren’t enough to keep up with the business. He considered some other solutions, but after a recommendation from the company’s board and a follow-up evaluation, Nick saw Mosaic as the solution to his finance and accounting challenges.

“Everything — operating plan, board books, KPIs — was done in spreadsheets. It was cumbersome, and definitely far from dynamic.”

Nick TarnoffVP of Finance at SupportLogic

The Solution

Unrivaled Visibility and More Time to Analyze It

With Mosaic, SupportLogic finally found the comprehensive financial visibility the company had been lacking. It was an eye-opening moment for Nick.

“In Mosaic, we saw things we never knew existed,” Nick explained. “We learned so much about so many parts of our business, and then made decisions that had an instant ROI. Once we got out of spreadsheets and into Mosaic, the opportunities just jumped out at us.”

Mosaic time-to-value was fast, too. The rollout took just four weeks and gave Nick and his business partners insights way beyond what they had imagined.

“I put Mosaic in front of some of our executives and mid-level managers and they were blown away,” added Nick. “People could see trends on KPIs and the health of the business they could never tease out before. Mosaic was an easy sell.”

Mosaic also gave SupportLogic the insights needed to shift from a growth-at-all-costs mode to a more efficient approach to growth. The business can now use Mosaic to take more ownership over budgets while executives can find new opportunities to drive efficiencies.

“We can see what we want to see in Mosaic, and make it detailed for finance or higher level for an executive meeting,” Nick continued. “For our business leaders, Mosaic lets them see the KPIs for their department, and so, they can make their own decisions. Mosaic totally flipped the paradigm for how we approached our budgets.”

“Mosaic lets us tie all of our discretionary spend together, give business owners total visibility, and let them take ownership over their spend.”

The Impact

Up to 15 Hours Saved Per Week Plus More Business Insights

Mosaic saves SupportLogic’s finance team nearly two full days of work each week. That’s more time the team has to spend with the business, analyze KPIs, and create and revise scenarios that help guide the business forward.

“Mosaic saves me 10 to 15 hours per week,” said Nick. “Quantify your finance leader’s base salary in terms of an hourly rate and Mosaic pays for itself very quickly.”

For its recent round of debt financing, SupportLogic leaned on Mosaic to help answer questions and provide more insight at critical investor meetings.

“Mosaic lets us do rapid scenario modeling, change inputs quickly, and present rolling cash balances, OpEx, customer growth, whatever I need,” added Nick. “Mosaic was wildly helpful in preparing for those board meetings.”

Mosaic is also playing an integral part as the business grows and changes at SupportLogic. First, it was helping the company find more opportunities to shift to an efficient growth model. Now, it’s helping Nick and team quickly evaluate new pricing models.

“We were evaluating and have since launched usage-based pricing, which is a recent trend for many SaaS companies,” said Nick. “When I saw that Mosaic has waterfalls and cohort analysis, I was like, ‘Thank you!’ It’s so reassuring to see that Mosaic is right in line with where SaaS go-to-market motions are shifting.”

From easing complex, cumbersome spreadsheet-driven processes to providing more visibility across the business, SupportLogic is using Mosaic to share accurate financial insights and drive better decisions. For Nick, it also saves him nearly two days of work per week, which is time he can now devote to diving into the numbers, coaching the business, and responding to new questions and new opportunities.

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