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25 Days of SaaS Metrics — Email Course

December 1st - 25th
Daily email, 9am PST

Gear up for the new year by joining us for 25 days of SaaS metrics. Every day, you'll get an email delivered to your inbox, helping you master the metrics that matter most to your SaaS business. Don't miss out on formulas, benchmark data, expert tips for analysis, and more.


About the Email Course

It’s not enough to just calculate your key SaaS metrics. Your ability to go beyond the numbers, understand the insights behind them, and weave those insights into a broader narrative is critical to business success. But you can only do that when you’ve fully mastered each metric.

Join us for the 25 days of SaaS metrics to get a crash course in analyzing your numbers. Each day leading up to the holidays, you’ll get a new email sent to your inbox explaining the ins and outs of one SaaS metric. You’ll get:

  • Benchmark data to compare your performance against peers
  • Tips for understanding the “why” behind each metric
  • Expert advice for analyzing your performance
  • And insight into how you can be more proactive with analysis

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