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The Office of the CFO is Fundamentally Broken

Answers to critical financial
questions are scattered across many different places

Trying to get a holistic picture of your company's finances is extremely difficult and typically only helps you explain the past. Understanding the present and forecasting the future is even more complex and time consuming.

Finance's responsibilities
have grown

To add strategic value for your company, you are required to be part data analyst, part systems architect, part planner and part economists. Not to mention the table stakes finance and accounting expertise.

The toolkit has remained
the same

While other functional areas of the business have seen tremendous innovation and new technology, financial planning and analysis is still performed in manual, disconnected spreadsheets. The need for a modern solution to this evolved problem is clear.

Without a Strategic Finance Platform

Hours are spent manually pulling, updating and distributing data

Models are bespoke, fragile and inaccurate

It is impossible to have a real-time understanding of the business

Collaboration between Finance and the rest of the business is very difficult

It's time for a better solution, one that helps your entire organization make smarter decisions

Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that helps you optimize planning and decision making

Mosaic Transforms Finance into a Strategic Function


Sign in to your existing ERP, CRM, HRIS and Payment provider.


Link customers, accounts and departments.


Understand the health of your business.


Prepare for any scenario with just a few clicks.

The Best Companies Hit Their Numbers

Learn how Mosaic can help you strategically manage your business.

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