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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Role as a Strategic Finance Leader

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Companies have long relied on CFOs for their expertise in financial management, accounting and reporting. These skills are still fundamental to the role—but they’re not enough anymore. Recent industry research into the evolving role of the CFO shows that by 2023, almost 90% of CFOs will lead their companies’ business strategy from formulation to execution. And they will be responsible for its achievement.

In this on-demand webinar, we explore the top five ways that finance executives can supercharge their role as strategic finance leaders, including:

  • Using technology for greater efficiency, transparency and analysis
  • Collaborating and sharing data across departments for critical business insights
  • Improving personal communication and other key leadership traits
5 Ways to Supercharge Your Role as a Strategic Finance Leader

Speaker Panel

Joe Garafalo

Joe Garafalo

Co-founder & COO, Mosaic

Joe is Co-Founder and COO of Mosaic, a software startup building the first Strategic Finance Platform. Joe began his career in the Big 4 with KPMG. After completing his master’s degree at St. John’s University, he went on to hold multiple leadership positions in finance at Palantir, Axoni, and Barkbox. Outside of work, Joe enjoys traveling, learning about capital markets and cryptocurrency, playing poker, and spending time with family.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Role as a Strategic Finance Leader

Peter Nesbitt

VP Finance, Teampay

Peter Nesbitt is Vice President of Finance at Teampay, where he leads all finance and accounting. Prior, he held finance leadership positions at Unified and at Bitly, where he managed all finance strategy and execution. Additionally he has co-founded 2 finance and accounting communities over the last few years (for senior accounting professionals and FinOps Slack for finance and operations professionals), as well has held senior volunteer positions within other CFO professional communities, such as CFO Alliance and the CFO Leadership Council. He also regularly writes on finance topics for Forbes.