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Temi Vasco

Controller, Gem

Temi Vasco is an experienced Controller with SaaS, real estate, energy, and Big Four industry experience, and a strong track record in driving and managing process improvement, staff development, and providing insightful analyses for strategic coordination and decision-making. Prior to Gem, Vasco worked at notable growth companies like Checkr and Human Good. Now, she’s using her passion for automation to transform processes at Gem and elevate the strategic role of accounting.


There’s huge pressure on CFOs now to not just be funding sources but to also be true strategic business partners. And accounting has a huge part to play in that because the job is to provide relevant, dependable information so that we can make those decisions for the business. And so, especially when you look into historical data, there’s no reason — other than lack of resources or lack of knowledge — to not automate most of the things that we do.

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