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Jenny Jao

Finance, Sprig

Jenny Jao is a finance professional with 5+ years of experience with public and private companies. Before joining Sprig, she served as Director of Finance at Blackline, and previously in Strategy & Operations at ZipRecruiter. Jao has experience as an operator, investor, and adviser. Jao now uses her wide-ranging experience to build flexibility into Sprig’s operating models and uncover new strategic insights from the metrics that matter most to the business.


We at Sprig serve both enterprise and midmarket customers today. Everything about these customers is different. Their buyer journey, use cases, key features that they’re looking for. And so as we think about where are the strategic bets we want to make in R&D and go to market, we have to prioritize. And I noticed that these accounts expand differently. They do have different LTVs and I used metrics to show how we can optimize our ROI and worked really closely with product and go to market to figure out what’s achievable in terms of feature delivery and pricing.

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