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Brian Weisberg

Head of Finance and Business Operations, Tidelift

Brian Weisberg is a fiance leader with more than 15 years of experience in the finance space. Prior to his time leading finance and business operations at Tidelift, Weisberg worked across other notable growth companies like Code Climate, Anchore, and Ansible by Red Hat.

Weisberg has brought a more collaborative approach to planning processes to Tidelift, driving more engagement from department leaders, increasing trust in the finance function across the org, and surfacing growth opportunities that wouldn’t be clear with a more traditional budgeting process.


Not everybody thinks in terms of a spreadsheet and sending someone a file like that negates the conversation that needs to happen. But that’s where the real important information is revealed. And it’s that conversation where finance comes in as a partner to help lead the budget owner through the process and help collaborate and facilitate a conversation around what are the outcomes that we want to drive for the business.

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