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Aneal Vallurupalli

CFO, Airbase

Aneal Vallurupalli is a finance executive with over 10 years of experience in the finance space. Prior to his role as Chief Financial Officer at Airbase, Vallurupalli led finance at Mattermost and Mapbox. Now at Airbase, Vallurupalli is leading efforts to create a stronger data infrastructure so that finance can give the rest of the org the tools and data they need to deliver insights that will help the business grow faster.


I think that over time here, we’re gonna start to see the marrying of the ERP, the spend management, the forecasting abilities as a finance toolset, and ultimately fewer companies will be living in Excel sheets manually forecasting their days payable or their receivables or manually forecasting their business. So I think over time, you’re gonna start to see a toolset surrounding these things.

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