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Financial Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Mosaic simplifies historically complex and tedious financial analysis. Prepare board materials, answer fundraising diligence and prepare budget vs. actuals in seconds. Understand top-line metrics, customer cohorts, revenue waterfalls and more.

Purpose built analytics

Understand the financial health of your business in one place with all the metrics you need right out of the box. In a matter of clicks, Mosaic can be tailored to your business.

Performance alerts

Get alerted to notable changes in key metrics with the ability to quickly drill into source data to better understand the issue.

Key growth metrics

Monitor key metrics like runway, CAC, LTV, churn, expansion and more in real-time, without hours of manual data manipulation.

Sales efficiency tracking

Understand your sales team's conversion metrics and how your reps are tracking toward targets.

Real-Time Scenario Planning

Mosaic allows you to easily understand and manage the assumptions that are core to your business. Quickly model and plan for multiple scenarios focused on your most sensitive levers. Effortlessly track progress towards your goals in real-time.

Intelligent building blocks

Financial forecasts are connected to and powered by source systems like your HR data, sales pipeline and accounting records.

Headcount planning

Increase transparency in hiring. Invite cross functional teams to plan and approve new hires for greater visibility and control over headcount.

Dynamic modeling

Mosaic builds a real-time, predictive forecast for each financial account to give you visibility into the future of your business.

Goal-based forecasting

Set realistic and stretch goals based on resourcing and performance, then track against those goals throughout the platform.

Instant Setup and Integration

No implementation required. Mosaic integrates with your existing tech stack and is up and running in the same day with no change to your existing systems or process.

Connect to your core systems

Integrate your ERP, HRIS, CRM and billing systems to build a comprehensive foundation for all of your financial data.

Data mapping and classification

Unite and normalize financial data across your most important systems to enable a complete view of your business.

Unified view

Joining cross-platform data allows for a 360-degree view of each customer, vendor, account and more.

Effortless ETL

Setup takes minutes, data is clean and prepped. Never worry about data wrangling and copy paste errors again.

Customizable Collaboration

Part dashboard, part document - Mosaic's analysis canvas becomes the connective tissue of your business. Easily create, monitor, and share exactly what you want, with exactly the right people.

Fine-tuned permissions

Metric level access controls ensure only the right audiences have access to your data.

Presentation ready

Charts, graphs and tables never looked better. Present directly from Mosaic or easily export materials into your slide decks.

Pre-built templates

Essential insights are live from the moment you connect your systems.

Internal & external sharing

Share performance updates and business insights with internal and external stakeholders.

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